Data Collection

Access to Anyone, Anywhere and Anytime


We at Steepbrain have Consumer Panel which gives you access to deeply profiled consumers for your market research.Our Panel has vast segmented attributes from socio-demographic, life stage, interests, hobbies, shopping habits, purchase intent etc. We can scale up to address your needs.


We along with our select sample partners have access to Fast Growing , Global and difficult to reach business professionals.Our panel is segmented on the basis of Industry group, income level, designation ,Company Size and influence on marketing or technology purchases


Our access to healthcare industry can identify Gender, Medical School , Graduation, place of residency or fellowship, languages, board certification, eligibility, geography etc. with provide reach ~1-2% or any given market with a week, 3-7% within 14 days, and 8–15% within 21 days.

Hosted panel

Growing our panel network continuously with our crowd sourced hosted panel allows you even deeper assess. Our hosted panel leverages are cloud based platform for quick access and incentives for members.

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Voice your opinion and see some effective changes around the things you care about. Our quick polls and surveys would give you the platform for the same.

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Online & Offline Data Collection

We have cultivated strong expertise in managing online and offline data collection and research partners, and along with strong personnel administration, can provide quality research findings.

We at Steepbrain facilitates targeting a large chunk of online panelists through our strategic partners. We are capable of helping you with consumers, professionals and also healthcare specialists.






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